Raheny Guides

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About Us

Raheny Girl Guides are a volunteer-led, youth-driven, active and dynamic branch of the Catholic Guides of Ireland.

Raheny Guides offers a varied and exciting programme for girls and young women aged 5-17. (Cygnets 5 - 6yrs, Brigins 6 - 10yrs, Guides 10 - 14yrs, Rangers 14yrs+)

As an all-female organisation, the girls are free to progress and express themselves in a comfortable setting. They enjoy a varied selection of activities and follow a challenging Guiding programme. The girls learn to be themselves in a safe environment while learning the skills that will one day help them to be responsible citizens and adults.

Activities differ depending on the section, but range from indoor camps, outdoor camping, camping skills, community involvement, crafts, games etc.

The Sections

Cygnet Guides
5 - 6
Brigin Guides
6 - 10
10 - 14
14 - 19
18 +

If you are over the age of 18 and aren't in a position to train as a Leader, but wish to support Guiding, you can become a Friend of Guiding and/or an Associate Member.

The Guide Prayer

Teach me to be generous
To love and serve you as you deserve
To give and not to count the cost
To fight and not to heed the wounds
To toil and not to seek for rest
To labour and look for no reward
Save that of knowing
That I do your Holy Will

The Guide Anthem

Lord of our lives, as we stand side by side,
Your love is with us making all things new.
Help us to heed the calling of a Guide:
To be prepared to pledge our lives to you.

Lord of our homes, the love of Christian hearts
Show us the dpths of your unfailing care.
Bless all our homes; help us to play our parts:
To be prepared to understand and share.

Lord of our land, you called us at our birth
To use our gifts that all might fully live.
Help us to serve our country and the earth,
To be prepared to seek the peace you give.

Lord of our Church, to you our praise we sing,
We now proclaim our faith in Christ, your Son.
Help us keep faith, whatever life may bring,
To be prepared to let your will be done.

The Guide Principles

  1. A Guide glories in her holy faith and is true to it all her life.
  2. A Guide loves her country.
  3. The duty of a Guide begins in her home.


Celebrating 40-plus years of Guiding in Raheny

The official name of our company is Buion An Leanbh Prague, which means Child of Prague in Irish. The company was founded in 1966 and will celebrate its 50th Year in 2016.

You may have noticed the neckerchiefs we wear are red, black and yellow. These are our company colours.

Here are a couple of photos from our long history. You can see that our uniform has changed a lot over the years!