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Why not check out these sites?

CGI Logo

Girl Guides Ireland is the Catholic Guides of Ireland (CGI) national website. It has pages on how to join, ways to volunteer, past members, news and events, and the CGI's history. Parents, international visitors, and the press can find useful information there too.



Wagggsworld is the homepage of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The majority of Girl Guide or Girl Scout Associations worldwide are members of this association.

WAGGGS is made up of five Regions: Africa, Arab, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere. Here's a map of which countries belong to which Hemisphere.

The WAGGGS World Conferences happen every three years and are an important opportunity for decision-making on policies and standards for the following three years.

All WAGGGS Member Organizations are invited to send two delegates and a varying number of observers to World Conferences.

Voting at the Conference The Service Team 30th World Conference - Dublin

Here are some pictures from the 30th World Conference. The first one shows delegates voting. The people in the back of the second photograph were all the Guiders in Charge of the Four World Centres during 1999. The other picture is the service team that kept the whole conference running. :)

World Centres

Our Cabana logo
Our Cabana in Mexico
Our Chalet logo
Our Chalet in Switzerland
Pax Lodge logo
Pax Lodge in England
Sangam logo
Sangam in India

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have four World Centres, located in Mexico, Switzerland, England, and India.

The staff and volunteers at the Centres aim to give visiting Guides not just the opportunity to meet the people and experience of "the amazing sights and sounds" of where each World Centre is based, but also "a unique combination of self-development, learning and adventure, of leaving with more than they arrived with, including friendships from around the world, knowledge to make a difference and the skills to lead the way, along with access to workshops and training on global topics such as leadership, advocacy and community action."

Read more about the World Centres.

World centre map

Guides Abroad

Guiding Australia

A little further afield is Australia.

The Guides decided that they wanted some different patrol names and a few suggestions were dolphin and koala, so we contacted a few Guide friends in Australia and they told us just where to find their patrol emblems.

You can find them at their Guide Shop yourself.

There are Guides all over the world - more than a hundred national organisations! - and we couldn't possibly put all the sites here, so here's a few tasters.